The ultimate data merge solution for PowerPoint®

Merge your data easily with PowerPoint® presentations; both text and images, in slides and tables. SlideMight is in principle similar to mail merge, but it has some more advanced features. 

Its usage is not just restricted to wall projection, but also extends to desktops PCs, tablets, smartphones, printed paper.

For extra easy text input you can use markdown formatting. Syntax highlighting is available for over 100 programming languages.

You can create presentations with handy navigation via thumbnail pictures in contents tables. Great for showcases (real estate, art, projects, ...), campaign plans, technical presentations, certificates, manuals etc.

If you are using PowerPoint® to create presentations based on repetitive data, SlideMight will save you time and boredom; you can focus your creativity to make beautiful and consistent presentations.

More information (also available from the menu): 

features overview
- blog
- user manual
- example presentations

Here is a customer review.

50% Discount for hobby, educational or charity use

For non-commercial and non-governmental use of SlideMight you get 50% price reduction.

Use discount code HOBBY, EDUCATIONAL or CHARITY on the order checkout page.

Other licenses

The standard licenses are for desktop usage. Please contact us if you are interested in a server license, or in discounts for 10 seats or more.

Version history

1.03: December 30, 2017
Conditional formats
Improved error handling
Row indexes as 123, 012, abc or ABC

1.02: November 13, 2017
Thumbnail tables
Markdown and HTML formatting
Syntax highlighting

1.01: August 29, 2017
YAML supported as input format
Optional data and images
Nested iterations
Improved error handling

1.00: 25 February 2017
Initial version

Related Tools

Excel to JSON converter (external link); convenient when you need to input data from Excel into SlideMight.